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  Anke | The Rise of Theatrical Software ...

In the last couple of decades there has been a rise in the usage of computers. In more recent years, the use of computers has started saturating the theatre. We've seen levers turn to mouse clicks, drafting boards turn to monitors. Anke Software recognizes this trend and our aim is to produce easy to use, quality software in a sea of confusing programs.

  Anke | Devoted to Quality and Affordability ...

At Anke (AHN-kuh) Software, we have a combined passion for both theatre and computers. The melding and meeting of these two passions creates a longing to see our friends and fellow theatre artists' lives made easier and their work made stronger.

We feel that this is done via the creation of software that not only performs its purpose well, but also does it in a manner that is intuitive. Software with a steep learning curve does not aid the user in any way, shape, or form. What was once meant to be an aid ends as a hindrance. No artist, no design benefits from such software. Intuitive software however can help the artist, support the art, and result in better theatre.

Another way in which we serve our fellow theatre artists well is ensuring the availability of such software. There are many quality programs on the market that cost many thousands of dollars. At Anke Software we believe that theatre is a learning process, and in turn demand that our tools are relatively inexpensive. The price of our software does not always reflect the quality, rather, the low cost of our tools reflects our desire for all theatre artists to have access to quality programs that help create quality theatrical productions. So if you are a highschool theatre, small collegiate theatre, or a small communtiy/ professional theatre; Anke Software might be just the thing for you. If you are a larger theatre, our quality will still certainly meet your standards.

So in the spirit of serving, please browse our website. We hope you find that for which you are looking. Screen shots and trial versions are available for your viewing, and you are always welcome to email us with any sort of question or comment.

For more information, please contact  Anke Information

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